Marketing Solution:
Backyard Beans Coffee Co., Lansdale, PA - Coffee Roasters

I was thrilled when I was approached to work with Backyard Beans Coffee Co., craft coffee roasters located in Lansdale, PA. While they had a really great logo and worked hard to develop their packaging, they needed help uniting their brand across marketing platforms. We started from square one with photography, web redesign, and a yearly marketing plan. The ultimate goal was to have images to use for an entire year to post on social media, planned blog posts, mailing lists and sale promotions. but not only that, we needed to create images that would entice viewers to love and know Backyard Beans Coffee by displaying their coffee products in the context of how they are used in real life.



Backyard Beans has gone through two revamps with me! We originally started off brand design with a backyard feel to it (click the next button to see what that looked like), and currently we've moved on to colors with the inspiration of their colorful coffee labels (which you see pictured now). The last picture is their original website that I took and transformed for them! 



Photo Shoot Examples

To capture the brand to it's fullest potential, we started off with a studio photo shoot. A lot of planning and preparation went into having a successful studio shoot (careful pre-production planning is the key to a faster turnaround). The idea was to start with generic images that would unite the brand across all platforms and also create enough photos for backyard beans to post on social media throughout their marketing year.

After wrapping up the yearly generic images, website redesign, and a yearly marketing plan, I now work with Backyard Beans on a monthly basis. My monthly work focuses on new photography, video creation, research, marketing trends, content, newsletter mailings, website maintenance, and social media. 

Monthly Social Media Videos

We're stepping outside the box with traditional video formats and going square and vertical with Backyard Beans Coffee Co. videos. Vertical is most important because over 50% of Backyard Beans users are on mobile and social media. Square works best for the website and takes less space, but it also utilized from the vertical video (now we don't have to create two kinds of videos!). To see some vertical examples visit my video reel. 

To create clickable links in the video we're also using Wistia, which is a great marketing platform to track analytics. 

Want to know more?

Please contact me and I'd be happy to chat with you about how awesome online sales have been for this craft coffee company in just a few months time. Let's discuss how we can take your boutique to the next level.