Video Marketing // "I Am FPC Bethlehem: Stories from our living room"

Since August I had the privilege to work on a large video marketing campaign for First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem (FPCB). It's a video campaign to invite people into FPCB's living room, showing real people who are members of the church, in hope for a pledge. The projected consisted of 13 individual stories ranging from 3-6 minutes long along with one large compiled video with highlights of the 13 stories (which you can watch below --- to view all the individual stories I encourage you to check out YouTube). I really enjoyed working on this project, and excited with how it all turned out. Not only did I work on the videos, but also worked on website layout and print marketing for this specific campaign. I hope you enjoy! 

Big thanks to these people that helped make it happen: Cinematographer, Zach Hartzell. Camera Intern, George Mowrer. Sound, Adam Romanishan. 

The Backyard Philly Project / Official Trailer

I am delighted to announce the official launch of our new trailer for Ferasha Films' documentary "The Backyard Philly Project." After working on this project for two years, I am so excited to finally share it with the public. The premiere takes place this May 10 & 11th at Drexel University, and you can buy your tickets at on March 18. I hope to see many of you there! Also if you wouldn't mind sharing this video to everyone you know, that would be amazing. Please be our marketers and voice for this film!