Filipe + Nataly / Engaged

I'm excited to share these with you. I love it when old friends, like Filipe, step back into your life and include me in their most special moments. It's times like these that I know that I've stepped into the right profession. If you like what you see --- hit the share button at the end of this post! 

Elliott Powell / Portraits

I am very excited to finally release these photos. In my previous post I shared with you the world premiere of Elliott's music video "Thorn and Thicket." Elliott is one my really good friends and most talented musician. Here are the photos we did on a private farm up in Whitehall, PA. We shot these at sunrise, and the lighting was just gorgeous all morning long. Also, please check out his website that he launched today: epmusicministries.com

Rachelle + Aaron

I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical when Rachelle told me she wanted their engagement shoot done at Aaron's house. But what I didn't know is that Aaron rents a house with his brother on a thirty-five acre piece of land. And all I can say is that it is gorgeous! I'm really looking forward to Rachelle and Aaron's wedding next summer. These two really know how to have fun! 

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