Filipe + Nataly / Engaged

I'm excited to share these with you. I love it when old friends, like Filipe, step back into your life and include me in their most special moments. It's times like these that I know that I've stepped into the right profession. If you like what you see --- hit the share button at the end of this post! 

Emma Cate / Senior Portraits

So here's the story. Once upon a time I was an Youth Dept. Intern at First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem and I met Emma when she was a middle school student. I've watched her grow into the beautiful young lady she is, and I am blessed to know teenagers that have a heart like hers. And now, I can't believe she's a senior! What is happening? All the cute kids are adults now. --- I'm so proud of you Emma and all that you do!  

Ali / Senior Portraits

This is actually one of my very first senior portrait sessions. I was pretty excited to do this shoot because Ali loves acting, and I just knew this was just going to be fun and inspiring.  She was really inspired by Rachel Aumiller's singer-songwriter shoot I did back in December 2012 --- so we set off and found some train tracks and captured her love of playing guitar in some gorgeous evening lighting. 

Rachelle + Aaron / Married

Rachelle and Aaron, I had a blast shooting your wedding. Many blessings to you both! 

[Rachelle and Aaron had their ceremony at First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem, and their reception was held at Penn's Peak].

George + Betsy's Family

This shoot was a very special one for George and Betsy, because they booked this a year in advance knowing that their oldest son would be home for the holidays from living in Europe. George and Betsy's family found out about my free photo shoot deal that I offered in December 2011 to anyone willing to donate $100 or more to a documentary that I have been working on (The Backyard Philly Project) with my film company, Ferasha Films -- it premieres Spring 2013. Thanks guys so much for donating to this special project, you have no idea how much this documentary means to me. Also, and thanks for braving the wind chill. You guys are so brave. Happy new year!