Video Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing // "I Am FPC Bethlehem: Stories from our living room"

Since August I had the privilege to work on a large video marketing campaign for First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem (FPCB). It's a video campaign to invite people into FPCB's living room, showing real people who are members of the church, in hope for a pledge. The projected consisted of 13 individual stories ranging from 3-6 minutes long along with one large compiled video with highlights of the 13 stories (which you can watch below --- to view all the individual stories I encourage you to check out YouTube). I really enjoyed working on this project, and excited with how it all turned out. Not only did I work on the videos, but also worked on website layout and print marketing for this specific campaign. I hope you enjoy! 

Big thanks to these people that helped make it happen: Cinematographer, Zach Hartzell. Camera Intern, George Mowrer. Sound, Adam Romanishan.