Marketing Solution:
Really Good Vocals, New York City, NY - Session Studio Singer

With a studio, you can do wonders to your photographs. This marketing boutique project came from session singer Charlene Ava, from New York City. When I asked her to describe how she wanted her business to appear on her website she said "Boutique shop." So with every start of a new website/brand we started with a photo studio session to help build her site. another example that goes to show that images can really transform any website.

We reworked the website by using Squarespace (so easy, and so friendly for clients to maintain themselves). Without the studio photo shoot this website would just be a lot of text and audio files, so we were able to unite content with unique photographs. 

Photo shoot examples:


Please contact me and I'd be happy to chat with you about how we can redesign your website by using user friendly website builders like Squarespace. With the right images you can really create a beautiful website. Let's discuss how we can take your boutique to the next level.